We Need Us All

Spring is a time of encouragement. It’s a time of renewing. Spring carries the principals that in encouraging growth and in everything working together, we can find beauty and fulfill our calling. Growth in the springtime and throughout the summer is a result of several important factors: protection, food, water, light, and development.

Keep in mind while you are enjoying the beautiful wildflowers or watching the trees come back to life that all through the fall and winter the soil was preparing itself for this. Autumn is a favorite season of many, but after the gloriously colored leaves are replaced by heaps of crunchy brown under barren trees, it can feel desolate. Yet those leaves provide protection to plants and animals. Winter gets a bad rap, but it is winter that produces decomposition of the leaves that provide the much needed nutrients to the soil. February through April showers are often unwelcome, however, it’s those showers that bring the nutrients and sugars to the plants. In Louisiana, some people don’t like the sun or heat, but it’s the sun that brings light, warmth, and provides the energy needed for photosynthesis. Lastly, our insect population is vast and annoying, yet it’s those insects that spread pollination and develop our vegetation. Everything working together. The separate parts of nature work in an encouraging array of life. If even one part of the system fails, spring would fail. Life would fail.

We each play an important role in society, just like all the seasons and elements play in nature. No part is more important than another. When we work together, instead of against each other, we all benefit. The beauty is in playing our own part, and encouraging others so that their parts can thrive also.

In my latest blog, titled Women, Are We the Enemy? (michellejester.net) I mention that some women try to bring other women down, mainly due to their own insecurities. Somewhere along the way, many women were taught that other women are the enemy; when, in fact, the opposite is true. We should be allies to each other, man or woman, in a world full of despair, discouragement, depression, and disappointment. We each have a purpose.

Unlike nature, you have a choice to do your part or not. And whether you are the PROTECTION that keeps life safe, the FOOD that feeds the needs, the WATER that carries the food, the LIGHT that yields the process, or the DEVELOPER who builds and transports, your job is important.

You are important.

Watch spring and be encouraged that you and your role in society are vital. Encourage others so that they can also embrace their individuality and thrive. We need us all.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine