Through a Mother’s Eyes

Look at her… this beautiful baby girl I call my daughter. Lord, how did I get so blessed to be the one You have given this great honor? I will do my best to protect her, to help her grow and learn to be independent and secure. I will take this honor and hold it in the highest degree as You have entrusted me with her.

Look at her…in her matching dress and pretty bow, holding my hand as I walk her to her first day of school. Lord, please watch over my baby girl. She is in your care and I trust You to keep her safe. She was so excited to tell me all she has learned… so independent and sure of herself. When did that happen?

Look at her…this free-thinking, strongly independent young lady learning her worth, speaking her mind and testing my patience. Oh, I had no idea what I was in store for, but I promise I will never leave her side; I will always be her safe haven.

Look at her…as she walks across that stage with her head held high, looking for me as she receives her diploma. I see you, Baby Girl, I’m right here. Only…she isn’t looking for me. I have always been there, so she trusted I’d be here on this day. I watch as her eyes scan the room for another, and as she sees him, I watch her face light up.

Look at her … her first day of college, her book bag on her shoulder and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She never even looked back to see that I was waving and watching her drive away, but then again…why would she? I’ve always been there.

Look at her…broken and shattered, her heart in pieces as she falls into my arms. Lord, I promised You I would protect her, but now I need You to give me the strength that is needed to do so in this moment.

Look at her…standing there in her wedding gown with her hair pulled back with matching pearls. How did this happen so quickly? Where did the years go? As I watch her walk down the aisle, I recall the day I walked her to her first day of school. She held my hand tightly and didn’t want to let go. After this walk, she won’t be coming home with stories of her day. I’m sorry, Lord, but I am finding it very hard to let her go.

Look at him … Lord, he’s so beautiful. She wanted me in the room when he took his first breath and as he took his, he took mine away. Oh, what a beautiful sight, Lord, she will love him and keep him safe, and I will always be there for them, no matter the day or hour.

Look at You … Lord, standing before me so graciously. Giving me the peace in knowing You have it from here. She was always safe on Your watch, anyway.

Mothers and daughters will have disagreements and misunderstandings not only as children, but oddly enough, more so as the child becomes an adult. Adult parenting is harder in my opinion, because now, after all the hard work, love, sweat and tears you have put into this beautiful person standing before you, you have to release them into this cruel world.

Finding that balance so each of you can transition to this new stage of life takes work on both parts. The new status of your relationship takes time to build, and it will not happen overnight. It’s gradual, as you learn how to communicate with each other in a new way. It’s okay to not agree on everything, but never let the conflicts tear down a relationship that took a lifetime to build.

Your mother is your biggest cheerleader; your safe haven when the troubles of the world seem too hard to bear, you can find comfort in her arms.

And your daughter was a gift from God, who brought joy and happiness and an abundance of love into your life. She made every sleepless night, and every tear cried worth it.

It is important when disagreements arise between this dynamic duo that you don’t let it define your relationship, be mindful of your words, choose them wisely. “I’m sorry” doesn’t heal everything all the time.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine