Holiday Health

Focusing more on only one aspect of our health, whether it be physical or mental, throughout the holidays can be detrimental. Quarantine fatigue, on top of the already ominous seasonal depression, can cause any one of us to lose our joy and feel overwhelmed by stress. Considering there is no escape, because the whole world is going through the epidemic, can also cause us to have a doomsday mentality. In addition, this season, with Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, comes with the stress of gift-giving and spending money, which many don’t have.

However, we can realign our thoughts to try to focus on making the most of it. Realizing that others are going through the same issues can help us look upon this time as a stand of solidarity.

The following articles are centered on our overall health during the holidays in hopes that we can resolve to make the best of our common struggle!

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine