Garden Journal & Planner Tips

With so much extra time on our hands we thought how fun it would be to work on a garden journal or planner. Sounds boring but think again! This provides a fun way of jotting down all of those projects for your gardens that you keep dreaming about.

There are so many cute free printouts online that will help you fill up your planner and give you extra ideas to spice up your projects. Two of our favorites are Green in Real Life and Gingham Gardens.* They each provide, step by step, how to create your own garden journal & planner. ** Green in Real Life doesn’t require an email to download and the pages are all provided in different colors!

Some of the reasons to keep a garden journal and planner is to not only organize, but also keep track from year to year what works best and what doesn’t. It helps us track problems and results. And…it’s fun!

Here is all you need to get started:

Printables, which are available for free download*

A 2” 3-ring binder

Erasable colored pencils

Monthly dividers

Tab dividers

Clear photo insert pages for holding seed packets and plant tags

Clear zippered pouches for holding larger plant tags, bulb package labels and gardening receipts

We found this to be a fulfilling DIY that will keep us motivated to have the best garden possible!!

*The FREE printouts are found at:

**Step by Step:

As Seen in Modern Grace Magazine