Timeless Fashion

No two generations share the same fashion sense. For that matter, we overhaul our fashion trends every season! But one thing has remained consistent…nothing beats an all-black outfit. Black clothing is timeless. Even if a certain cut or length goes out of style, your black clothing will never go to waste. That’s likely why it’s so easy to buy clothes that are black, because we know we will get our money’s worth from it.

This issue is all about the classics and timelessness. What is more “classic” than black? You can construct any kind of outfit, for any event, starting with a black base. A simple black outfit can be dressed up with a bold statement piece, such as a coat with classic patterns like stripes and houndstooth, to the busiest flannels and florals.

Black shirts can be dressed down with jeans and paired with silver or gold accessories, or decorative artistic pieces! Some of us at Modern Grace, some more than others *wink wink*, try to veer away from fast fashion, mass production, and animal byproducts. Today, unlike the many generations before, we have access to incredible options through the internet!

Black skirts or pants, which are staples in any wardrobe, can be made formal or casual depending on the shirt and shoe you couple them with. A flowing, silky top with heels can dress up a pair of leisure pants, while a cotton shirt and ankle boots can make an otherwise black dress skirt seem casual and fun.

What is more timeless than leather and fur in the winter? With little to no effort, you can shop online for secondhand or vintage leather and fur items that still have that “luxurious” quality. In addition, there are many companies that create durable, guilt-free, “leather” fabrics and textiles made from recycled plastic, cactus, and other sustainable resources. Mink quality without any casualties.

We have access to too many options to let these classic styles die off, but also access to too many alternative options to not be conscious of what’s at risk when we buy these items brand new and/or inhumanely sourced.

Be timeless, be great, and stay radical.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine