The Harvest

Waiting for “the harvest” can be tough. Sometimes we feel like we waste our efforts, because nothing appears to be growing. We do our part: we plant, feed, water, watch, and hope. However, sometimes the watch part takes a lot longer than we expected, and the hope part grows smaller and smaller. When hope grows smaller, fear, worry, and doubt grow bigger.

For a moment, let’s think on how you watch and let’s put that into perspective. Envision yourself watching for the harvest to be ready. Are you sitting in a chair in a field waiting for any sign of growth? Are you doing other things and checking in on your field now and then? Or are you tending to the field, working it, and giving it what it needs?

When we align our thoughts toward a goal—a harvest—then we will always do what it takes to make that harvest happen. Storms and droughts can threaten everything we’ve worked so hard for, but worrying won’t make anything grow faster. Trusting in God and doing what is within your control will. Negative things are going to happen, times will get tough, and we will all lose along the way, but if we stay the course and keep tending to the field, our efforts will ultimately not be in vain.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine