Bountiful Blessings

A farmer lives for two seasons, planting and harvesting. Just like them, we all must each plant seeds for something to grow. If you are even slightly familiar with the daunting task of farming, you know the hours and dedication it takes. They are up before dawn and work well into the evening hours to make sure their crops will be bountiful. There are no breaks or calling in sick. Without their consistency, their crop will not survive. Farmers know if the work doesn’t get done, their family will not be fed, nor will the many others who depend on that harvest. The weather conditions, too much rain or a lack of, all play a huge role in the success of their yield. As we are witnessing all across the world right now, crops are failing at an astronomical rate. For farmers, the weather is outside of their control; still, they go on, because simply put, there is no one else to pick up the slack on days when they think they can’t make it. Sometimes, aside from weather issues, there are seeds planted that never grow into anything, because some lands yield less than others. If their crops fail, do they give up altogether? Do they never farm again?

 When life spins out of our control, it’s time to focus on what is within your control. What do farmers do? They focus on other parts of their farm, they build, repair, and replace. Often, they pitch in and help other area farmers with their crops. Then, when the time is right, they start again.

Sowing and reaping are obvious examples of how we all live our lives. Whether we believe it or not, the truth is: what we sow; we reap. Giving to a person without expecting to receive anything in return feels amazing, but God’s word tells us that we reap more than just good feelings. Giving to others, helping in time of need, and sometimes, even when situations are beyond our control, being there with others who are suffering, is sowing yourself a future harvest.

 The choices we make today will ultimately become our tomorrow. There is no surprise in the fact that the seeds we sow ultimately become the harvest we gain. Every day we get new opportunities to help or harm, love or hate, add to or take away, not only to others but also to our own lives. Begin each day with a new attitude to sow good things into others’ lives with a merry heart. Sow as often as you are able, and reap the rewards of God’s promises.

 And when problems get out of your control, focus on what is within your control, and help others along the way. Then, when it’s time, you will start again with a future full of bountiful blessings.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine