Starting from the Inside

In this issue, we are focusing on aspects of life that are timeless: classic black clothing, laughter, music, and reaching a healthier lifestyle. However, most importantly, we are focusing on the timeless principle of loving one another.

Not everything in the world is black and white. Not every decision we make is as easy as a yes or a no. Sometimes, there is an area between the two definitive answers in which we find our own truth, our resolution. Sometimes, the varying shades of grey in decision making isn’t defined to each person in the same way.

Every single person in this country stands for something they are passionate about. Along with suicide prevention, which is important to us, veteran care as well as general care for families in poverty-stricken countries are at the top of my husband’s and my list. We’ve heard people complain over the years about how supporting areas outside of the United States isn’t right. They felt strongly that if people were going to give toward helping alleviate poverty, they should start in North America.

We strongly disagree.

For one, my husband has witnessed poverty in other countries and it is devastating. Secondly, we know that every single person on this earth, belongs to God. Simply living in the United States doesn’t make anyone rise to the top of the importance list for us.

However, there are many more issues in the world and if you asked every person that you know what their top-priority concern is, the list would likely be endless. Abortion. Education reform. Mental illness. Politics. Flags. Starvation. Animal rights.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Debating over one another’s social platform is often fruitless, because we can’t force another to have the same belief we do and people’s passions are different. If we each had the same beliefs about everything, then there would be no cause for us each to have a purpose.

Equality is different. Regardless of how you feel, your morality or religious views, equality for all, Americans and non-Americans alike, is the basic act of love. Equality for all people should be our ultimate passion, above our individual purposes.

I personally believe in positive change, because I’ve seen it happen time and time again, including in myself. I believe we should always be growing, learning, and implementing positive change throughout our lives and into others.

I know, without any doubt, that positive change is consistently done on the inside. In your own hearts. Inside one’s reach of influence. Police officer to police officer. Neighbor to neighbor. Sister to sister. Friend to friend.

People are typically influenced by the people they trust. They go to them for advice and they listen when a trusted friend talks. Sometimes change happens within the circle of power, one person setting another person straight…from the inside.

When an angry stranger is banging on your door, screaming to be let in, most people won’t open that door for fear. We will hear that person on the outside, may even feel compassion for the person…still many will likely never open that door to the screaming stranger.

Using our voice in our station in life and on personal levels to effect real change around us means helping a friend see that there is no threat in loving all people. There is no threat in standing against violence and inequality. There is no threat in reminding others that inequality is an injustice that we all need to be discussing and altering on a personal level.

Positivity ripples, just like negativity, unfortunately not as rapidly. So stay diligent in the cause for equal value. Our law already states that we all have equal rights. Let’s work together to make our society reflect that. Let’s stand firm in our part of the body of Christ, the body of our nation, and ultimately of our world (because we all belong to God) and let our voices be heard where our influence matters the most…

Starting from the inside.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine