One of the Most Important Things

In this, the first issue of Modern Grace Magazine, the contributors pulled together some of the best of Louisiana. One comment visitors always seem to have or repeat about our amazing state is that the people here are positive and welcoming. Another is that we know how to enjoy family, food and fun. Louisianians bring a unique and relaxed atmosphere with them to every gathering; whether a crawfish boil or a neighborhood barbeque. When we get together for the holidays it is an event where strangers are made to feel like family. I believe positivity is one of the most important things we can give each other, which is why it is my pleasure to be able to share this lifestyle with you. Also, a special thank you to my husband who tolerates me while I sneak around with my camera and document some of his amazing projects! Although he is a reluctant and unintentional contributor, I have listed him anyway.
I hope you enjoy!

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine