Not Your Average Wardrobe

This fall you’ll be seeing statement items and throwbacks from previous decades. These trends can be used as inspiration to have some fun with your wardrobe or help push you out of your comfort zone! Incorporating just a few of these styles could help you to ramp up your staple items!

Bright colors were everything this summer and that will continue through fall. Not only that, but metallics and sequins will be popping up all over stores, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited! It takes very little effort to dress up a casual outfit when you have cool statement jackets.

Blazers are another fun way to make your basic, casual look a little more unique. You can throw a blazer over your favorite graphic t-shirt and jeans or you could take the more standard, professional route. You could even spice it up with a blazer and matching shorts!

Tiny purses are the most impractical statement around right now, but I’m still a fan. Don’t be fooled; these purses aren’t really meant to carry your things in. They are merely a fun statement accessory.

It’s basically a free-for-all when it comes to animal prints this fall. All prints are welcome! I’m really hoping tiger print finally steals the spotlight from leopard, because I could really use some more LSU tailgating outfits.

Leather (and faux leather) doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. Leather pants, leather jackets, and leather tops should be pretty popular as always! Maybe this is the season you invest in a nice jacket that will stick with you for years to come!

Everything denim is really big this fall. Baggy tops paired with your favorite jeans, dark denim jackets, and pops of color are trends you should incorporate into your wardrobe.

Is it 2019 or 1969? Because bell bottoms are back and here to stay! Bell bottoms are such an easy way to turn a typical fall outfit into something a little more fun.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine