Make it Colorful!

When you think spring, you immediately imagine beautiful bright colors, flowers, and fresh fruits. This year, trends are not shying away from any of it!

Mixing textures and pairing flowing with fitted clothing is absolutely acceptable. Embrace loud prints and dazzling colors. Push yourself to be expressive and let your creativity BLOSSOM.

Show off those shoulders. We can finally go outside, so don’t be afraid to let the sun shine on your skin. Halter tops, sleeveless, deep V-neck, square neckline, asymmetrical and cutouts…try them all! 

Go wild with color pairings such as pink, every shade of yellow, teal, and blue accents. Bring all of it to the table this year, especially ORANGE, ORANGE, ORANGE!

Netting is big this spring and summer, so play around with dress netting and tulle. Be sure to let your inner child shine and bring all of your ballerina dreams to life.

Pastels are always a spring time favorite; Nile green, banana yellow, baby blues, and all the pastel shade are huge this spring. Pair your pastels with whites, creams, or camel colors for that perfect mix! 

And of course, jeans transcend every season. Lean into the retro! Bell bottoms, big hoops, sunglasses, decorative collars. Darker washes look great with marigold yellow, royal blue, and linens.

Lighter wash jeans can go with bright florals and FRUITS! Orange is a huge color for spring, as well as oranges! Coordinate your themes and patterns to look above and beyond. 

This spring you can integrate florals with everything! Sundresses, fitted skirts paired with linen shirts, and flowy slip dresses all work well with flower embellishments.

Business casualwear is popular this season. Don’t forget to mix it up with florals, such as adding a floral belt with professional brown trousers and a lace blouse. We even paired a flower button up with a blazer shorts set.

There are no limits this spring! After a year of being cooped up in loungewear and hoodies, we want to see everyone’s everyday fashion being as bold and vibrant as possible! 

As Seen In Modern Grace Magazine