Louisiana Gets a Bad Rap, but We Know What We Have

If you’re from the state of Louisiana, you know that you live in a place where culture, history, and food intersect. Louisiana’s unique cultural tapestry is celebrated in its music, art, festivals, and cuisine, and that alone makes this state one of the most vibrant and exciting places to live. For those who call Louisiana home, living here is a chance to explore and experience a way of life that is entirely unique.

Unfortunately, the state is plagued with a host of problems, including poor educational rankings, high crime rates, and alarmingly high poverty levels. When it comes to education, Louisiana ranks among the lowest in the nation. According to the 2018 Quality Counts report from Education Week, Louisiana was given a score of D- and ranked 44th in the nation. This is largely due in part to its lack of funding for educational resources, and the fact that the state ranks at the very bottom in teacher salaries. This lack of resources and financial support from the state has had a direct effect on student performance, with only 29 percent of students meeting the state’s academic goals in 2018.

Crime in Louisiana is also a major issue. According to The Crime Report, the state saw an average of a 10 percent increase in violent crime from 2017 to 2018 to 2019, primarily due to an increase in aggravated assaults and homicides. Louisiana is also one of the states with the highest incarceration rates in the country, with over one in every hundred adults being behind bars. The state also has a high rate of recidivism, with almost half of those released from prison ending up back within three years.

Poverty is another huge problem according to the US Census, almost one in five people in the state are living in poverty. This is due to the lack of job opportunities and the state’s low median wages. The poverty rate is particularly high in rural areas, where nearly one in four people are living in poverty.

However, for many of us that live here, it is anything but the bottom of the barrel. The laid-back culture of the South is something most of us cherish. We take the time to sit and relax with friends and family, enjoying the weather—yes, even the heat—and beautiful scenery. Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon spent with family on a picnic bench overlooking a lake, or a balmy evening spent listening to live music in the courtyard of a local restaurant, Louisiana is all about taking time to slow down and appreciate the little things.

In Louisiana, there’s no shortage of cultural and culinary delights. From the spicy flavors of Cajun cooking to the sweet notes of traditional Creole dishes, this state has something delicious for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty jambalaya or a bowl of gumbo, you can find a variety of authentic Louisiana dishes to enjoy. And don’t forget about beignets, the sweet and sugary treat that’s a staple in many households.

The music of Louisiana is another thing that sets this state apart from the rest of the country. From zydeco to blues, this is a place where musicians come from all over the world to perform and record. In the past, Louisiana has been home to some of the most influential musicians in the world, including Fats Domino, Dr. John, and Louis Armstrong. Today, musicians of all genres continue to flock to the state, making Louisiana an epicenter of music culture.

The festivals and events in Louisiana are some of the biggest attractions here. Every year, people from all over the country come to take part in the vibrant celebrations that the state has to offer. From the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival to the French Quarter Festival, there’s always something happening in Louisiana.

Louisiana has some of the happiest people. Several online polls have shown that Louisiana has one of the highest levels of life satisfaction in the country. According to one survey, 99% of people who live in Louisiana said they felt satisfied with their lifestyle. This is much higher than the national average of 88%.

Another way to measure happiness is by looking at the rate of people who volunteer. Louisiana has one of the highest rates of volunteering in the nation, with over 50% of its population participating in volunteer activities. This shows that people in the state have a strong sense of community and are willing to help others in need.

Finally, Louisiana also ranks high for its strong sense of togetherness. In fact, Louisiana is known for its tight-knit communities and friendly people. People here often come together to celebrate holidays, support each other through tough times, and engage in friendly competition.

So, yeah, while Louisiana gets a bad rap … we know what we have.