Houseplants Make all the Difference

First, I must confess I used to call myself a “herbicidal maniac”. A green thumb I did not have, but thankfully I’ve found some beautiful, low-maintenance house plants I can handle. They have made all the difference in the beauty, comfort, and overall good feeling in my home. House plants are an easy (if you choose wisely), inexpensive way to add style, comfort, and surprising health benefits to your home. Let’s explore some reasons house plants are a must for our homes.

ADD TEXTURE and INTEREST to your Décor

Think about the photos you’ve seen in your favorite style or decorator publications. Most of those photos include a plant or two in each vignette. It may be a small succulent on a bedside table or an indoor tree nestled in a corner. The reason? Plants add interest! There are no man-made objects, colors, shapes, or textures that can outdo God’s beautiful creation. Why not bring His beauty into your home? You can spend lots of money and time searching for the perfect chachka or objet d ‘art to display and still leave a space looking incomplete. A wisely chosen plant alone or paired with lovely pieces elevates a space and makes it interesting. It can add needed height, width, color, and texture.

 I always use them when staging a home for my real estate business. No one wants to look at electrical outlets, so place a plant in front of them. Be sure they’re not touching the outlet, of course, and move it away from the outlet when watering. I use them in every room to soften, brighten, and add interest.

There are so many options to include living plants in your décor. As Centerpieces, blooming plants last longer than cut flowers. They make great coffee and side table accents. Plants add interest to a shelf or countertop. You can add color with blooming plants like violets, mums, orchids, and gerbera daisies. They’re easy to find too. Look for them in garden centers, grocery stores, gift shops, florists, and big box stores.


Many of us have an awkward corner that needs a little something. That’s the perfect spot for a larger plant or a potted tree. A tall plant is a great solution for an empty space behind a furniture piece that’s not quite right for a picture or shelf.  

Fill a large blank wall by creating wall art with a group of hanging plants or wall sconce planters. When you need the light from a window, but the window looks awkwardly empty without curtains, a single hanging plant could make the difference. Several may also be a good choice. Plants look fantastic in kitchen windows as an alternative to blinds or curtains.


Last and probably most important, plants improve the air quality inside your home or office. Better air quality is, of course, better for your health. There have been many studies, including NASA studies, that show the air quality benefits of certain houseplants. Some studies suggest certain plants placed in your bedroom improve sleep. Bonus for me and other gardening-challenged people, some are low-maintenance! In fact, the Peace Lily tells you when it needs to be watered!


My two favorite house plants are Snake Plant and Peace Lily. They are both beautiful and very easy to keep alive. Just don’t over-water them. They have both been shown to improve indoor air quality and come in a variety of sizes. I would recommend starting small if you haven’t previously cared for indoor plants. You can pick a plant at the grocery, big box store, or local nursery. Nursery employees are usually very helpful and a great source of tips and tricks.