Vintage Charm with a Contemporary Edge – Formalwear Guide

In Louisiana, we love to find any reason to celebrate, especially in the wintertime. From Deck the Halls to Mardi Gras balls we never lack for a place to dress up, meet with old friends, or make new ones. At the turn of a new decade, the fashion industry is bringing back vintage charm with a contemporary edge.


Gold and cream are recurring colors during Christmas and Mardi Gras every year, and an obvious combo made in Heaven, but this year they are trending big throughout the world of fashion. This angelic look can work for any winter holiday event.

Heavy warm-toned blush applied high for fuller cheek bones

Warm neutrals like gold and terracotta eyeshadow

Gold, chunky jewelry and light cover-ups for a winter look in Louisiana winter heat


Do not shy away from metal! Metallic fabrics, makeup, and sizable, metal jewelry to match silver tones in your outfit; armor up like a warrior! Pair with silvery faux furs—if needed.

Play with your monochromatic eyeshadow for a bold, smoky eyes

Keep the look from being overpowering by complimenting it with lip gloss over a natural, nude lip


Mixing in the vintage feel with modern monochrome! This winter season, mix your periwinkles with your plums. Color coordination is everything; keep that in mind when selecting your jewelry and makeup. Match your eyeshadow to your dress, then pair with a cool-toned nude lip.

Diamonds, sparkles, and white accents make for a stunning

frosted look

For an upscale look with minimalist flair, opt for an embellished dress instead of adding jewelry and accessories


This year, we are all royalty. Nothing makes a winter statement like a bright, rich, ROYAL blue. Keep this look regal and refined by choosing diamond embellished dresses which makes for an icy winter look! Pairing with a silver faux fur wrap on frosty winter nights will maintain the cool-toned theme of the outfit.

Go for sparkle, adornments, silver, diamonds, and royal glamour

For a bold makeup look, go with a graphic, blue eyeshadow to accompany your dress. For something a little simpler, try pairing with natural nude-tone shades


Red is always in. Always. Pairing a warm-toned brown faux fur with your red dress will add a touch of old Hollywood glamour. Stand out in the crowd by rocking large, dazzling jewelry to accentuate your collarbone.

Heavy-handed rouge and a pouty, ruby lip make for a dynamic and dramatic combination

Simple hair styles can add to the overall Hollywood throwback

We see enough warm Louisiana days throughout winter and can wear sleeveless or off-the-shoulder looks without giving up our comfort. For cooler days or nights, toss on a light jacket or throw a faux fur over your shoulder to keep you toasty.

For all those Valentine’s dates and Mardi Gras Balls, incorporate any one of these formalwear trends to stay fashionable while staying YOU!