The Final Edit

Oh, how sweet those three little words are: “The Final Edit.” After years of writing, I was finally ready to share with the world. The easy part was writing it. The real work began once it hit the first edit. I was new to this and I know the editor was slowly pulling her hair out, wondering what in the world had she gotten herself into. I took the criticism in stride and didn’t take it personally; she was helping me and I kept that in perspective. When I read the first editor’s note of encouragement, it was a gentle reminder that I could do this.

Because, honestly, I had all the fears I think any new author does. Will they even like my story? Will this be a blessing to someone else? Do I have what it takes to do this? I spent all this time working on what I viewed as my personal masterpiece, and then I handed it over to a stranger. And I waited. The wait was not easy; I began to question my capability. I thought of a thousand things I could’ve changed. I wondered repeatedly if it was all wasted time. I was afraid to take that first step.

I know I am not alone. At some point in time, we all second guess our abilities.

From start to finish, I can honestly say, the process was exciting. Every day, through each edit, was one day closer to my publishing date. My first book will be coming out at the end of this year and I cannot put into words how excited I am. How very blessed I feel.

If God has given you a talent, whether it be writing, singing, or one of all the numerous gifts He gives, push aside the doubts and belt out that note or pull out that piece of paper and write. Listen to that voice in your head that urges you to take those chances. You may be the one and only person a family member, a friend, or perfect stranger will hear. Always remember God’s blessings are meant to share.

And remember that the greatest author of all has already written your story. He knows the beginning, the end and all things in between. Give Him your hand, follow His lead, and He will give you your voice.

Then watch the story of your life unfold.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine