Leading the Mind

We often hear that “where the mind leads, the body follows.” While this is certainly true, the mind is also very obedient to the suggestions of the body as well. Think of it as a closed feedback loop. You feel happy, so you smile more because you feel happy, and then because you’re smiling, you feel happier. So you smile more! Rinse and Repeat.

If I may, I’d like to ask you to do something for me. Smile! Give me your biggest and brightest smile as if you’re greeting an old friend.

Do you feel any different from a few moments ago? Do you feel happier?

Now, mentally scan your body right now. What is your current facial expression? Do you feel tension in your shoulders or neck? How is your posture?

All of these can contribute to your current mood. If you’ve adopted the facial expression and posture of an anxious person for example, then your subconscious mind will rationalize that you must be feeling anxious because you’re experiencing the physical reactions of someone who is anxious.

This is true of all emotions because each of them, from fear and anxiety to confidence and happiness, make themselves apparent across your body.

The fascinating truth about being aware of this cycle is that you can begin to apply it in proactively, creating the emotion that you wish to experience! Simply adopt the expression and the posture of the emotion that you desire. If you wish to feel happier or more confident than you may currently be feeling, smile! Stand up tall. And see if you begin to feel the way you want to feel.

Happiness is a skill and, like all skills, it is something that can be practiced. Leading the mind with the body is a quick and simple way to begin to take responsibility for your happiness. I invite you to practice this trick and let us know your experience! We’d love to hear it.

Oh! And don’t forget to smile.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine