Finding Inspiration for Your Health

Most of us are trying to pick up the pieces of our mental health. It’s hard to remain positive, let alone inspired. Maybe you’re feeling anxious or panicked. Maybe some depression is there lurking in the shadows, or maybe you’re even feeling a little lost and are looking for some inspiration in your life.

Whatever the case, positivity simply isn’t an option all the time. It’s not something that feels easily accessible. If you search for inspiration amongst your struggles, here are some tips that can help you get the ball rolling.

Gratitude. Expressing gratitude, even for little things, is a healthy place to start. It can be as simple as waking each day and expressing thanks for being alive with all five senses or as deep as acknowledging the people and relationships with which you have been blessed.

Laughter. Next time you’re feeling down, put on a funny movie or your favorite TV show. Go see a comedy show or listen to some stand-up. Play some air guitar to your favorite song and dance around your house. (Or at work!)

Self-Care. When we devote any amount of time each day to caring for our “self,” we allow the negative to soften. This encourages inspiration to appear from all directions simply because we slowed down long enough to breathe and quiet our mind and body. Take walks in nature and notice the colors, shapes, smells, and feelings. Stay limber by stretching and exercising. Eat clean and drink plenty of water.

It’s amazing the positive things you notice when relaxed and grateful, and we all know that with positivity comes inspiration. Take a deep breath and let the floodgates open!