Fall For Your Skin – Product Highlight

Fall and winter weather always evokes our love of certain scents and before we know it we are drinking steaming cups of tea infused with apples & oranges, eating hot pumpkin spice breads & cakes, and using fresh cinnamon sticks to warm up our houses. Why not use those same wonderful scents on our body? Here are four incredible cruelty-free products that we love!

IOSSI Sweet Orange Nourishing Body Lotion

A nourishing body lotion with a scent that reminds you of orange and chocolate. Wonderfully nourishes skin, leaving it deeply moisturized, soft and velvety smooth. It provides an immediate feeling of relief and protects against harmful external factors.

The strength of the formula lies in its natural and organic ingredients: organic sweet almond oil and cocoa butter effectively nourish and support the natural regeneration of the epidermis. Coconut extract soothes and protects against excessive water loss, making the skin firm and elastic. Coconut and bamboo ferments bring moisturize and neutralize the negative effect of free radicals. The addition of sweet orange essential oil restores the body’s elasticity and positively influences mood. The lotion is absorbed almost immediately, leaving no greasy film.

The effectiveness of the cosmetic has been confirmed by dermatological tests.