Beyond Pumpkin Spice with Tammi Arender

Pumpkin spice always comes to mind when fall is near. We watch as pumpkin spice foods, drinks, candles, and other products flood the market, with good reason—because it is one of the wonderful aromas of the season. For this issue, we consulted with one of our Louisiana celebrities and baker extraordinaire, Tammi Arender, to get other seasonal ideas.

Her social media platforms are always full of delicious desserts that wet our taste buds and make us want to jump into the kitchen. Tammi is a news anchor on RFD-TV and contributes to the motorcycle travel show, La Rider TV, which airs in most of the Louisiana TV markets. She also does stories for This Week in Louisiana Agriculture, and the PBS show Tennessee Crossroads. She has been in several national cooking competitions for her baking, as well as TNT show On the Menu and the Food Network shows Bakers vs Fakers and Christmas Cookie Challenge.

Some of the delicious ideas that go beyond pumpkin spice for the seasons ahead come straight from her social media: apple pie, Blue Hubbard Squash soup, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and candied crispy bacon, chewy ginger snaps, Christmas tree cakes, cream of mushroom soup, chocolate ginger muffins, homemade Oreo cookies, Mama Mae’s buttermilk pie, pecan pralines, rosette sugar cookies, sweet potato bread pudding, and sweet potato pie.

As seen in Modern Grace Magazine